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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cherry Bomb

It's Nespresso Saturday at our house again.  This coffee drink is made with cherry whipped cream.  To make it, I whipped the cream in my Vitamix.  I didn't add any sugar, since the drink is quite sweet from the condensed milk and the cherry preserves, but you can add sugar if you'd like.  I then added the cherry preserves and set the whipped cream aside.  I put a tablespoon of condensed milk into each glass, then brewed a lungo capsule on top, then slid on top a heaping tablespoon of the cherry whipped cream and added a dusting of cacao powder on top.

I realize that my blog has become much more pralines than crunches.  The last two weeks, with the snow, Alexis not feeling well, Bill's work travel, and my job change, have not been workout-friendly, but now that things are settling into place, I am excited for my session with Trainer this afternoon.  Kettlebells, here I come.

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  1. keep posting these wonderful nespresso creations!