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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

A rose from Bill
Today was wonderful and full of flowers and chocolate, just as it should have been.  It started with the Swetheart Nespresso and chocolate hearts.

Nespresso lungo capsules + unsweetened almond milk foam
Heart-shaped chocolate from The Fresh Market
Heart-shaped stensil + dusting of raw cacao

Bill surprised me with this bouquet from Trapp and Company, which in my opinion is the best place in KC for flowers.  Flower arrangements from Trapp have graced many events of my life, including my bridesmaids' luncheon (thank you, Memphis Marilyn!), and they are always impeccable.   This one is no exception.   And the color of the roses is very similar to my bridal bouquet.  (Yes, it's been a few years and I still remember).

I even made it this afternoon to some of Alexis's school Valentine's Day party, where tons of sugar was had by all.   And if that wasn't enough, Alexis and Emily also received another sweet surprise from us and from Bill's parents.  The heart-shaped fudge that they got from us and the giant heart-shaped lollipops from the grandparents came from Laura Little's Candy, another KC institution.

I hope your day was great, as well!


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