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Monday, January 6, 2014

Chocolate Shoes and Purses

In addition to the wonderful beet and goat cheese salad, the Ritz had this amazing display of chocolate creations in the lobby.  Chocolate shoes filled with truffles, chocolate Chanel bags, and a chocolate brief case.  Wisely, they were kept in a glass display.   Otherwise, I might have not been able to help myself.

But even more beautiful than the shoes and purses were the flowers at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Is it summer yet?   It's another snow day here and the schools are closed.   Alexis asked me this morning to go play in the snow and I told her I had to work all day.   A few minutes later she came to our home office and exclaimed in frustration:  "Why do you like working so much?!"  I lost her attention two minutes into my explanation of economic theory.

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  1. Chocolate and beautiful purses combined. What can be better?!