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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Toned Up

Good morning!

There is snow on the roads and I am working from home today.   I wouldn't go outside today at all but for the 7 pm workout with the trainer at the gym.  I've been working with him since October and I am seeing quite a bit of progress.  I stumbled upon him by accident at the gym and, as he was helping me with a scheduling issue for something entirely else, he offered a free workout session that came with the gym membership.   I agreed.  But I did tell him that ideally I would like to have a girl trainer since all men trainers seem to want to put women through what looks to me like a "man workout" - weight lifting - and I was on a quest for something girlier (in memory of my Bar Method days).  My trainer assured me that he is used to working with women, that the meaning of personal training is to be "personal" to each client and to have different exercises for each client to fit their needs, and that he will get me just in the shape I want to be in.  Not wanting to leave the husband behind on the couch, I signed him up, as well.   So we've been going to joint workout sessions since then.   And since then, all I've done is lift weights, and then lift some more weights.   I am doing the exact same circuit as my husband, but with a bit lighter weights.   I've gone from being able to lift only 3-pound weights (Tracy Anderson commandment) to lifting 35-pound barbells.  I got so into it that I even bought Bowlfex adjustable weights and a weight lifting bench and I've been now lifting weights on my own in my home gym.  I still occasionally wistfully look at girl trainers with girl clients at the gym, doing girl exercises or chatting, looking cute in their Lululemon outfits while I sweat and grunt through crunching those dumbbells.

So I was really excited to learn that I can now get my "girl workout" fix from Tone It Up ladies and their new Bravo show, Toned Up, premiering tonight at 10:30/9:30 central.   The workouts are all done on a beach in sunny California.  My DVR is set.

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