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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dry Brushing & Coconut Oil

Tonight's workout was tough.   I am barely typing this and I can only imagine how my arm muscles will feel tomorrow.  Somehow at the end of the strength training part I ended up with two twenty-five pound dumbbells, doing squats and rows.   After I could not feel any of my muscles, our trainer decided it would be a good idea to have us run on a treadmill, at 6% incline and 6 mph.  After about a minute, seeing that we are both about to pass out, he told us to imagine something we like or somewhere we'd want to be, like the ocean or the forest.  All I could imagine was the couch.   

Just like cleaning, I do not like working out.  I like having worked out.   And the best thing I found for the winter after a workout is a seaweed mask, a dry brush, a hot shower, and lots of coconut oil in lieu of moisturizer.  I am now ready to reunite with my couch and watch how other people are tortured, I mean, worked out on Toned Up.

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