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Friday, January 3, 2014


Today was a bit of everything.   Office, working out, time with family (my baby-nephew has the cutest cheeks), and Whole Foods shopping with the kids for tomorrow's dinner.   And there is even a Mizzou game on right now.   What is it with men and football?  

It started out with coffee.  I cannot go on without one cup in the morning.   We got a Keurig Vue recently and, although, it makes delicious coffee, I am finding that those cute little vue cups are costing almost as much as Starbucks, minus the barista.

Yesterday's workout resulted in quite a bit of a muscular pain today, so, naturally, the best thing to do after work was to go workout some more.   My trainer ("Trainer") says that there is nothing better than cardio, lots and lots of cardio, for dropping weight.   Since I am getting ready for a vacation I am a vulnerable target to any kind of advice.   Especially coming from someone without an ounce of superfluous fat.   Trainer's idea of cardio is HIIT (high intensity interval training), where you run for a minute with all you've got, then you gasp for air for a minute, trying to rest a bit and then repeat the whole thing again.   Eight times.   He thinks I can do this circuit in 15 minutes.   He is obviously wrong because unless you work out for a living and if you have a job that requires you to sit in front of a computer all day, you can only do it in 25.   So that's what it took me today.   I probably won't be sharing these stats with Trainer.   Especially since yesterday he told us that we, and I quote, are his "most hard working clients."   I did throw in some Tracy Anderson's metamorphosis on top of the 25 minutes on the treadmill.   But midway through all those high reps Tracy lost me to the beeps of my iPhone and I had to send out a few work emails.   All the while Tracy continued with her reps.  At least one of us got a complete workout.  

Whole Foods shopping was fun, as always.   I especially appreciate their desserts.   The French macarons are perfection.

Trainer tells me that I can achieve anything I want with my current workout schedule, given that my diet is clean.   He seems to think that it is (he makes a lot of assumptions, as you've probably gathered already).   I smile and nod.  I do think that "clean" can have varying definitions.  For instance, this should qualify, right?

Just kidding, here is who ate the ice cream sandwiches.

Okay, fine, I did have a pistachio macaron.  And a half of the raspberry one.  I believe there should be some compensation for all the running I have to do.   Especially since Trainer yesterday challenged me to one cardio session a day between now and the vacation.

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