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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market opened its doors today in Overland Park, KS.   It is located in the rapidly developing Corbin Park, at 135th Street and Metcalf.

I've been waiting for this opening for quite some time, driving by and watching it being built for the last few months.  I read up about the Sprouts on their website and liked their message of "healthy living for less."   Sprouts strives to be "a neighborhood grocery store with the feel of an old-fashioned farmers market."  The first Sprouts store was opened in Arizona in 2002 and today the company operates more than 160 stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and now Kansas.

Having heard on the radio that the store was opening at 7 am and that the first 200 customers in the door were getting 20% off their purchase, I headed to Sprouts early this morning.   The parking lot was full.   At the entrance I got my 20% off coupon, a muffin, and a sample of hot coffee, and headed inside.   It was a few minutes past 7 am but lots of excited customers were looking at the baked goods and the bright-colored produce and the offerings at the meat department.  There were also many smiling employees in green aprons greeting customers and answering questions.  A local news station with cameras was there, as well. 

I got a chance to speak for a few minutes with Susannah Livingston, VP -- Investor Relations & Communications, who is located at Sprouts' headquarters in Arizona and was here for the opening.  Ms. Livingston pointed out to me the large variety of private label products; there are about 1,200 of those in the store.  These products are marked by high quality and low prices.  

Here are some of the private-label products I bought today

The store also carries about 2,500 gluten-free products, which makes it a great place to shop for those who are trying to avoid gluten in their diet.

Gluten-free waffles in the freezer section

                                                    Gluten-free cookies and snacks

Ms. Livingston also confirmed to me the message of striving to bring the best quality for less.  Sprouts is famous for amazing deals and today was no exception.   I am used to Trader Joe's low prices, but these amazed me.

All of the departments left me equally impressed.  The meat section had a large selection of a variety of meats, including very reasonably priced grass-fed beef.

The fish department boasted a similar variety.

There was also a large selection of frozen seafood.  I got a package of wild-caught Alaska cod fillets and two packages of mussels in two different kinds of sauce.

The produce section was a rainbow of colors.  And, again, had lower than I am used to prices for this kind of quality.

The Bulk Foods offered all kinds of raw and roasted nuts, granola, and seeds.

I picked up double cream brie from France in the cheese section.

You can also grind your own coffee beans (the smell is divine).

I also picked up some organic eggs and a pack of cereal with amaranth and flax seed.

There is also a section of prepared meals, if you are running short on time.

I spent the most time browsing the vitamin and body care sections, where I found well-known natural and organic labels, on sale.   I stocked up on kid vitamins, Jason shower gels, oscillococcinum, and Earth Science products.

With all the discounts and deals throughout the store, my purchases came to about $317 and, with my 20% off discount, I ended up paying about $247 (yay!).   The check-out was quick and I also received a loaf of free bread, as part of the store-opening promotion.

I was one very satisfied customer on my way out.  I cannot wait to go back and I am so glad that Sprouts has finally come to Overland Park.

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